9th Floor, New York Athletic Club, New York, NY 10019

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  • Phil Bowie

    Phil Bowie

    ‎CEO, Velocity Risk Underwriters, LLC
  • Joseph A. Castelluccio

    Joseph A. Castelluccio

    Counsel, Mayer Brown

  • Simon Cloney

    Simon Cloney

    CEO, Steadfast Re
  • Peter DiFiore

    Peter DiFiore

    Managing Director, Cartesian Re
  • Will Dove

    Will Dove

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Extraordinary Re Holdings, Inc
  • Michael Hamer

    Michael Hamer

    Senior Analyst, Albourne Partners

  • Barry Gilway

    Barry Gilway

    President/CEO, Citizens


  • Michael Kontaratos

    Michael Kontaratos

    Director, Vario Partners

  • Nick Lamparelli

    Nick Lamparelli

    Co-founder & CUO, reThought Insurance
  • Jutta Kath

    Jutta Kath

    COO, Secquaero
  • Brad Martz

    Brad Martz

    CFO, UPC Insurance Holdings
  • Andre Perez

    Andre Perez

    CEO, Horseshoe Group

  • Tony Rettino

    Tony Rettino

    Founding Principal, Elementum Advisors, LLC
  • Robert Quinn

    Robert Quinn

    Vice President and Product Leader, Insurance Collateral Services, Wilmington Trust
  • Paul Schultz

    Paul Schultz

    CEO, Aon Securities

  • Matt Streisfeld

    Matt Streisfeld

    Principal, Oak HC/FT
  • Todor Todorov

    Todor Todorov

    Senior Investment Consultant, Head of ILS Research, Willis Towers Watson
  • Tony Ursano

    Tony Ursano

    President, TigerRisk Partners
  • Lorenzo Volpi

    Lorenzo Volpi

    Partner, Head of Business Development, Leadenhall Capital Partners